With Hans Ulricht Obrist, a Big Curator

Dear friends, havia escrito esse post em inglês, e como Hans estará dando uma palestra dia 6 de dezembro na Art Basel de Miami, recoloco ele:

so i finally got to know one of the biggest ( big, tall,  very very tall:) curators of our century. Thanks G-D for my english, friends, it is not easy to follow a swiss talking english, a little bit french accent mixed with german. Really, today to speak languages opens so many doors! Sorry for my appearance in the pic, i was so emotional moved,

The whole story began like this:

i entered in my beloved school, Escola São Paulo, and there i got a nice gift: THE CREATIViTY ACTIVATOR. Of course, i put the cream very deep to moisturize my ideas, i was going to hear a celebrity, you can not achieve this every day. Hehehhee

This is Hans, showing us slides of big expositions he made all over the world, and specially the meaning of curator: Curare (latin, ok? but just a word :)>, more in the sense of an organization. 


 here i am, again nightdreaming, listening to a man who loves books as much as i do, explaining to us why Balzac and Diaghilev are important to him 

but all comes to an end. Hans did a brilliant marathon over the eye of art today,and i picked this lovely girl waiting for an autograph of his book. Luisa Brandt and i became friends in a glance, she is a young aspirant to be curator, i can say she is curious and intelligent, and is going through a career that does not come easy, but looks great!!!

Love Heddy Dayan  

special thanks to http://www.escolasaopaulo.org/  and the  pink cream, hoping it is going to give me an uplift in special ideas, can i get another one 60 grams please?

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