Botero, street Colombia

Close to Colombia Street in São Paulo (also close to our american street,  Estados Unidos), there is a green place we call wishfully Jardim Europa. There stands a museum i love, MuBe. Today a blue sky welcomed the beginning of a wonderful show with drawings and oils of  Botero

it was possible to take pictures (no flash, of course), and here i stood in front of this wall of sadness, 

strong political messages were painted in powerful images, in the line of Guernica or Goya disasters,
 and this is a collection Botero donated to National Museum of Colombia. Despite the violent thematic, the wish is the opposite, to fight against it.
las dolores de Colômbia , the sufferings of Colômbia
in the crude eyes of my master of augmentation, Fernando Botero.
Sadly we also live in a violent city, not exactly Cali, but as Botero says, also friendly. This conflict we have to suffer make us closer, and very ,very touched.  

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