Art Basel Survival Kit

 Design District Miami , December 2019, pink sloths by Fernando La Posse and blue sphere

W,  windowshopping, take me to Art Basel/ but first :

 Bottega Veneta decor

Haegue Yang, in a kind of Duras Mood , melancholia 

At The Bass/ Go ! Run !

 better nights, the preview

Mickalene Thomas

At the Bass , all pics Heddyd

Atelier Robuchon

 Le Jardinier lavabo, Yes, Manolo Valdes

Opera Gallery neons

Maps, projects, collections, 

Perrier, chair and art, my collage

 Floridian Mood

After all, do you really still want to rush to Basel Art, when you go walking in Miami and there's a Manolo Valdes sculpture under the  deepest blue sky , just in front of you, in a greenery space, close to the beach and far from the maddening crowd ?

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