In a party mood

Em 2013 fui convidada pela Kate Spade da Haddock Lobo para um editorial em evento onde a dança era o foco/ na época quis escrever esse post em inglês, para a marca americana/ agora leio com tristeza que a Kate Spade encerra suas atividades no Brasil, mais um desfalque / mas aí vai o post:

 Going to a defilé, or an after-defilé party? Go well dressed in an almost monochromatic look, it does not matter if you wear this smaller clutch (hide it in your big huge croco bag . Then you exchange it, give the croco bag in safety to any attendant at the door of the party, there is always one, and feel wonderful with your clutch:). Take the jacket out 

voilá, a flirty, ruffled dress sleveless, in a nice but soft and charming geometric pattern. Now dance with it! Be confident, show your legs  

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