Carine interview for CR

Essa foi uma entrevista da minha amada Carine Roitfeld para a primeira edição
 de seu novo magazine CR, do qual venho falando sempre no blog,,, um inglês fácil:

  "I always start my day with A CLASSICAL BALLET LESSON — it’s good for my body and my spirit
I find COLD, DANGEROUS BLUE EYES sexy in a man
One can never have enough LOVE — IT GIVES ME CONFIDENCE
The biggest surprise in my life is that HAVING BEEN SO LAZY AT SCHOOL I became such a hard worker
A gentleman should never accessorise WITH BRIGHT COLOURS
My golden rule is to be chic and elegant with A LAST-MINUTE TWIST, like white shoes with black tights, or gold shoes during the day
Black and khaki are my favourite colours because BLACK IS NOT A COLOUR and khaki matches my eyes
I always wear DIFFERENT LINGERIE sets every day, it gives an extra-feminine touch
In London I always visit the spa at THE CONNAUGHT and the China Tang 
Go to CAVIAR KASPIA in Paris for the good lighting and, of course, the herring
The first thing I do in a hotel room is take a bath and order some GREEN TEA
The place everyone must visit before they die is St Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre in memory of RUDOLPH NUREYEV
A home should always feel PEACEFUL. Mine doesn’t need a lot of décor. The view is better than any painting
The last thing I do before I shut my eyes is to SEND TEXT MESSAGES TO MY KIDS talking about my day
Give me ALL WHITE FLOWERS with the exception of orchids
I want to be buried with my parents IN MY BLACK CHIFFON GIVENCHY CAPE"

Amo Nurevey e balé como Carine, e me identifico com ela no que o erotismo é muitíssimo ligado à mortalidade. HD 

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