Eveline Nasser cuisine

 Um post que escrevi em inglês, amo:

little bit of garlic sofistication

chick pea homus, by Eveline.
Looks a pizza
but no,
chic chick arabic way

Born in Lebannon,
exported to Brazil
where she
she offered
every shabat
to her husband
and family
in dishes
with exotic names
as hetalie
made with roses
the roses
she loved

beautiful Eveline

Eveline Nasser was my aunt, at her home we use to eat the more delicious sponge cakes and chicken with curry. I have a book, very precious to me, produced by  two persons i got to know last year, they are : brazilians photographer Rômulo Fialdini and designer Kiko Farkas

in portuguese and english, 72 receipts of delices

a book offered by Joelle Maslaton 
 and Michelle Nasser


            AMO FALAR DE GASTRONOMIA, e em inglês ficou mais chic!!!!!!!!!!!! Amo cozinha árabe, tenho saudades da cozinha da minha tia Eveline, e da minha avó, Adélia Nasser, cunhada de Eveline, que também me proporcionou os melhores  momentos de minha vida


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