Bye, Damien

very saucy :0

it is the end of the year, and the collection Astrup Fearnley  from Oslo is leaving us in 3 days at The Bienal Pavillion . Today I am actually reading an article of critic Maria Hirzman in newspaper Estadão of São Paulo,where she states that the collection( Em Nome dos Artistas) was completly tastless, based in american super valorization of artists as Matthew Barney , Koons, Damien  Hirst, and others. I do not agree with her, it was a great chance for me being with these preciosities, may they be in formol or informal. Brazilian people do not always have the CHANCE (for many reasons, certainly economicals too) of see what may be obvious to others . I loved to discover those artists the critic said to be "unknown" here, as Tom Sachs or Karl Haendel. The expo is not banal, on the contrary, very well organized in a big space . It is so wonderful to have opportunities to check collections and this specific one was midiatic!  Love at first sight

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