Me, Verena, Isabelle

  as promised, just came back from the launching of the book of my two friends, Isabelle Tuchband and Verena Matzen. I always had a great connection with them, they have been working together at the Ateliê Cité for 22 years! The book, edited by Luste, is more than superb. At the end, i sat thinking about the realization of projects of persons, in general, not only artists, but projects that come to be realized, so rewarding! Verena was very chic, using a brazilian stylist brand, Reinaldo Lourenço. Isabelle, also in green, Versace, was exuberant as always. I am wearing  Animale, a maxi dress very comfy, and matched it with sandals with a colour i can not describe, not really orange, ok, pretending it is an Hermés color. Love, HD

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